MEC – Malaysian Environmental Consultants Sdn Bhd – is a consultancy focused on the sustainable development and environmental management of land, water, forests and natural resources. Our mission at MEC is to guide our clients through the demands of natural resource and environmental management.

As development in region grows, businesses and organizations face both an increasing number of new environmental regulations and challenges as well as more vigorous enforcement of old laws. Our business is to know what organisations need to act on, why and when things need to be done. MEC’s forte is to understand the why and how of things.

Our company name was borne of a deep national pride and a desire to provide consultancy for the protection of Malaysia’s natural heritage. Environmental sustainability and conservation of Malaysia’s rich biodiversity is the foundation of our mandate and practices. Our expertise now serves the South East Asian region as well.

We also strive to serve our communities, acknowledging that project success ultimately depends on the people we work for. Successful business is no longer simply about passive compliance. It is about being identified as having a commitment to sustainable development and being trusted over the competition to manage our future resources.

Based on multi-disciplinary approaches and a holistic view of management, MEC’s consultants are committed to finding innovative and reliable ways of fulfilling those commitments, building that trust and meeting the country’s environmental challenges.



Malaysian Environmental Consultants Sdn Bhd was founded in 1995 and is currently run by Tunku Mohammed Nazim Yaacob and Kishokumar Jeyaraj. MEC bridges the knowledge gap between natural resource management and conservation, and people and companies who require an extensive understanding in these areas.

Our spectrum ranges from work with private enterprises and non-governmental organizations through to government agencies. We are also Malaysian Treasury Registered Natural Resource Consultants.




Tunku has a broad base of experience in both the industrial sector and in natural resource conservation. Tunku’s educational background is in Biology and Ecology and served for 14 years at the Zoo Negara in Education, Physical Development, and Curator of Birds and Development Officer.  

In addition, he has worked on a number of projects dealing with natural heritage management, plantation management, waste industry management and landscape and species management.  He is an applied GIS Specialist with the ability to analyze spatial information for both conservation and management planning. His core competency also lies in natural resource management and planning.


Kisho’s educational background is in Forest Management and he is a graduate of Oxford University, United Kingdom.  His working experience is diverse both in management and in the field.  He has a varied range of working experience throughout Malaysia, with major projects in Pahang, Perlis, Johor, Sabah, Indonesia and Laos.

Kisho’s expertise lies in forest management and plant conservation ecology. He is also an expert in vegetation mapping using GIS and Remote Sensing. His core competency also lies in natural resource management and planning.



MEC’s staff forms a dedicated and diverse team, with specialists trained in various fields of natural and human sciences and technology. MEC’s consultants have many years’ experience working on environmental projects in Malaysia, including Sabah and Sarawak. They also have overseas experience and training in many other countries such as Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, India, Nepal, the United Kingdom, Laos, Canada and the United States.



Dr. Lim Meng Tsai
(Forest Conservation Ecologist)

Dr. Lim Boo Liat

Dr. S. Paramananthan
(Soil Survey & Peat Soil Specialist)

Mr. Balakrishnan G. Sivaguru
(Oil Palm – Agronomy)

Mr. Zulfira Warta
(Social Anthropologist)

Dr. Savinder Kaur Gill
(Environmental Sociologist)

Mr. Venugopalan
(Financial Analyst)


Mr. Karuthan Chinna
Mr. Mohd Salleh Daim
(Parks & Recreation)

Tengku Mohamed Zairuddeen
(Information Technology and Database Specialist)

Dr. Vijayalakshmi
(Occupational Safety and Health)